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Embroidery Backings and Toppings

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The UK's largest supplier of embroidery backings with over 30 years experience

At ETC Embroidery Supplies we are proud of our reputation for being a leading supplier of embroidery backings. We have a vast range of products to choose from. There is something to suit everyone and every type of machine. All of our backings are manufactured from Non Woven fabrics. 

Our extensive experience in the supply of embroidery backings means we are ALWAYS at the leading edge of product developments. We offer both wet and dry laid construction  non-wovens.

We have our own cutting factory and we can supply any backing cut to any shape or size. If you do not want pre cut pieces then we can give you slit reels!

We now stock cut pieces in boxes of 1,000 pieces. For large volume customers we continue to bespoke cut to size from rolls of backing and we can help you reduce the size of your cut pieces therefore reducing waste and costs. Please contact us for bespoke sizes today.

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Please allow three - five days for delivery on cut pieces due to production lead times.


* Our embroidery backings are made for any type of design, stitch count and fabric, and provide equal properties in all directions

* Often, only one sheet is needed to do the job, with no need to overlap backings

* Due to consistent thickness and quality, our backings allow for precise thread placement and height, for more uniform designs

* Highly stable over time

* The uniformity of our backings ensures consistently equal tension during the embroidery process, leading to less thread breaks and higher machine efficiency

* Wide range of textures available: soft, rough, firm

* Customizable solutions available