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EMS Hoop Tech Clamps

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The “ICTCS Interchangeable Tubular Clamping System. The original clamping system with changeable window sizes.

Since the introduction of the first tubular clamp in 2000, EMS/Hoop Tech has been designing & building clamping systems for the Embroidery Industry.

The ICTCS series clamp has been a favorite since 2001 because it’s quick and easy to install on your machine. The SLIM LINE & PR-600 series with it’s low profile, safely fits under the needle bar and has the most window size options.

The INDUSTRIAL CLAMPS are special application clamps used by high volume producers of personalized items and specialty products.

ETC Supplies are the appointed distributors for EMS Hoop tech clamps in Europe. We are happy to provide these quality products to our customers on on demand.

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All of the ICTCS Clamps use a spring loaded clamping chassis to hold interchangeable upper and lower clamping windows. These windows clamp the fabric and backing between the upper and lower windows and hold the fabric in position during sewing. The ICTCS chassis/window assembly attaches to the embroidery machine using the same tubular arms that support regular plastic embroidery hoops. Adapter arm styles are available for nearly all major industrial embroidery machine manufacturers and machine types. If you are currently using plastic hoops, then chances are that we have an ICTCS clamp that fits your machine *.

Each size ICTCS Clamping System (1-2-3) has a number of window sizes available that are exclusive to each size clamp. These window sets, (upper & lower) are easily and quickly changed without any tools. Loosening a single knob releases the bottom window from the chassis base, and the top window is released from the clamp top pins by gently spreading the support arms. The changeover takes less that a minute.

The ICTCS-1 has 6 available window sizes. 3 rectangular windows and 3 windows designed for sewing on the sides and back of caps. The largest window for the ICTCS-1 is 4.5 x 4.5”.

The ICTCS-2 has 7 available window sizes. 6 rectangular/square and 1 round, (that can also be used to sew the back of caps). The largest window for the ICTCS-2 is 7.5 x 6.0”