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Embroidery on Bags

Embroidery on Bags

Daniel Horgan |

Probably the most difficult item for any embroidery company is to frame up bags, especially those which are made from leather or heavy PU.

Why risk.

  • Damage to your hands and wrist.
  • Damage to your plastic frame and breakage.
  • Damage to your bag.
  • Avoid extra time framing up this type of product.

The simple solution is to invest in a Mighty Hoop.

Benefits are.

  • Quick and easy to use.
  • No pushing with your hands.
  • No breaking the frame.
  • No marking on the bag.
  • Better productivity.

Mighty Hoops are available in all sizes and to fit any machine.

Other tips are.

  • Use a SD1 Tripoint needle.
  • Use Fablube fabric lubricant.
  • Use a flat easy tear backing.

A few simple changes will make your life so much easier.