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Embroidery on activewear t shirts

Embroidery on activewear t shirts

Daniel Horgan |

Not a day goes by without calls from customers having problems with embroidery on silky polyester style garments. These are very popular for sports people as they are often treated with breathable and anti-perspirant coatings, which makes exercise more comfortable. However, this becomes an embroiderer’s nightmare. We can talk about thread tensions, needles, backings, and a host of other things to do, but customers want a quick fix.

ETC Supplies have been developing unique and high-performance embroidery backings for 33 years. The simple solution to this problem is our Super Spun backing. This is manufactured from high quality polyester fibres. The backing is very lightweight and almost translucent, so it does not show through the garment. It is a cut away backing and you only need to use one piece per design. The strength of this backing prevents pulling and puckering, and it will prevent holes in the garment that are often caused by poor thread tensions. Some of our customers are so happy with this product that they use it on everything.

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