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Embroidered Garment Holes

Embroidered Garment Holes

Daniel Horgan |

My embroidered design on a t-shirt is puckering and has pin holes. What am I doing wrong?

Helpdesk Response

Using the correct needle is essential and for this you should be using a medium ballpoint needles, such as DBxK5/SUK/75 depending on your machine. To help eliminate pin holing always ensure the stitch application does not interfere with the geometry of the fabric. Make sure that your baking is strong and stable enough to hold the design. Some easy tear backings will not be strong enough to hold the design. For this type of work we suggest that you use our Strong & Soft Cut Away backings. Check your machine tensions (use the one third underthread test) if your tensions are too tight this will cause you problems. Finally if the garment is finished for printing you can spray the top fabric just before switching the machine on with our Silicone spray. This allows the yarn to flex and prevents holing.